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Key Note, Human Developer, Podcaster, Author, Serial Entrepreneur & World Traveler.


About Lasse Wiwe

I want to develop you as a person and help you draw a roadmap that makes it a little easier for you to navigate your personal and professional life.

Imperfect on purpose is a lifestyle and mindset that I have invented and lived by for many years.

I've lived a pretty wild life myself, and had what many people would call classic success, and a lot of recognition that came with it. Being intentionally imperfect has left me with a solid life both financially, emotionally and spiritually and I want to share with you how I did it. I start from what most of us know, that no one, including yourself, knows exactly what they are doing. Everyone improvises in life, so its ok to  breathe.

Live consciously.

Live from the heart.

Make a plan.


Imperfect on purpose

The lecture.

Imperfect People, Perfect Results: A New Way of Thinking in Business

Lasse presents a new take on how to best connect life and work so that you as a company and employee are left as winners.

How to use simple tools to make employees more focused, prioritized and conscious individuals.

And how to make sure that everyone is doing what actually makes a difference for the company in the short and long term.


Personal course with Lasse

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