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Personal course with Lasse

If you feel you have more in you than what you are currently achieving and want more in your personal life, emotional life, spirituality, mind and work life, or any of these, then this personal development program is for you. 

Over 4 sessions with Lasse, you will test your life and decide if you are on the right path and how it makes sense to navigate going forward.

The program is always with you by the stearing wheel, and you will experience new opportunities and improvements in the way you approach your personal and professional life.

It's all about that:

Live consciously

Live from the heart

Make a plan.

When you leave this program, you'll have a clear understanding of your life and what your next move is.


Be imperfect on purpose:

Maybe you're at your best in your personal life but lacking in your professional life, or vice versa. Perhaps you need a persistent strategy to keep yourself doing the things that make you and your life better. Maybe you need a new perspective on what you need to move forward.

You will never hear me say it is easy, but it is possible. Change is possible and it's important. But it requires action. It requires patience. It takes practice, failure, adjustment and constant repetition, but most importantly, it takes a willingness to face yourself and your challenges without guilt, shame or embarrassment because the person who is able to do that is "imperfect on purpose".

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