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About Lasse Wiwe

Lasse Wiwe is a Danish Serial Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Author, Key note, Human Developer and World Traveler.

He is co-founder of Nordgruppen, which was sold for several millions in 2018, and Happy Helper, which went public in 2018, and has developed the mindset "Imperfect on purpose", which he lives and communicates on various platforms.


In a nutshell

Married to Mariam with 2 children, and a living example that it is possible to prioritize family and health and inner values while achieving great outer goals in life.

In short, you don't have to destroy yourself up to achieve your goals.

To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in suffering

If you want to know me a little better.

In 2001, I had ended up in Italy, paid for a room for a month and was now sitting on a curb in Florence - completely broke. This was probably the moment in the movie about me where you would say it was the low point, where the protagonist had to decide which way life was going to go.

Before that, I had been under contract as a soccer player with several matches for the national youth team. Everything was going well, but then my father died and my world came to a complete standstill. Everything that life was, was suddenly no more.

However, a conversation I had with my father on the day he died would prove to be life-changing. My father had realized at that point that he was going to leave soon, and it had created a new kind of clarity for him; this was his last chance to send me on with my life.

He told me that day that most of life was static. A train that just went on and on with education and career and bills. Lasse, you have to jump off that train once in a while, he said. You have to live through your heart and not just let yourself be led through life by external circumstances, live consciously, he admonished.

After my father died, I fled out into the world, almost in a coma, I just had to get away, I remember, also from football, which was my entire identity. Everything suddenly felt foreign to me.

After traveling the world and a failed relationship with my childhood sweetheart, I was now sitting on the curb assessing my options. There was no way I was going home to Denmark, the escape had to continue, whatever the cost.

I walked around looking for work and at the Baldovino restaurant near Piazza Santa Croce I met a Danish woman, Rebecca, who took me in and let me be a dishwasher.

It was my first job in the restaurant industry and where I took my first steps as a restaurateur, which would prove to be my destiny for many years to come.

In Italy, I was also told the story that when the great Roman warriors advanced towards the enemy, someone always walked behind the leader and whispered in their ear: "Memento Mori". Remember that you are going to die. Because when you remember that, you also remember to live through your heart. Just as my father had reminded me on the day he died, maybe he was right.

One fall day several years later, I was back in Denmark, and at that time I was an up-and-coming and successful entrepreneur and had a stake in several companies.

A few months earlier I had met Mariam, who I quickly knew was the love of my life, she was everything I didn't think I needed.

I was confronted with all the unprocessed traumas in my body that suddenly washed over me, which, against my father's advice, I had unconsciously tried to hide behind a lot of external values and personal hero stories.

This forced me for the first time since my father's death to really turn around and look myself in the eyes, deal with who I wanted to be as a person, what kind of father I wanted to be for my future children and generally what I wanted with my life. The escape was over and the journey towards a meaningful and conscious life had begun!


Soon after, I made my Plan 40, where I listed the things I wanted to achieve before I turned 40.

On this list it said:

  • Get married to Mariam.

  • Have two children.

  • Buy a house with equity.

  • Get out of the day-to-day operations of the company.

  • Gain financial freedom.

Over the next few years, I began to construct frameworks and routines for myself and our family's life, with these plan 40 goals as a bright north star.

In addition, the goal was clear to me: to follow the advice my father had given me on his deathbed:

Live from the heart and don't just let external circumstances lead you through life, live consciously!

Memento Mori! Live from the heart!

2 months before my 40th birthday, I sold 75% of the restaurant company I had built with my partners.

By then I had married Mariam, created 2 wonderful children, bought a house with equity, left running the company and through a lot of meaningful choices had built what I now refer to as the "Imperfect on purpose" mindset.

I am now on a mission to spread my father's advice and tell people how they too can systematically live from the heart, make meaningful choices, adopt healthy priorities and frameworks in their lives and still achieve the goals they want in both their personal and professional life.